Monday, September 22, 2014

Pulley system for 230V AC Generator

We have been trialing different pulley systems for the generator and petrol generator as we needed to increase the RPM to 3000. We found a couple of pulley in the class room which we decided to modify to fit onto the generator instead of purchasing more as it was a process of trial and error. We found the inner hole of the pulley to be to small to fit onto the shaft of the generator so we had the engineering department machine drill it for us.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

230V AC Generator

Since our last post of the petrol engine running with the 12V alternator we were searching for a 24V alternator at car yards and on trademe however we were unable to find one at a reasonable price. We discovered a 230V Ac generator in the classroom however we havent quite got the gearing for our pulley systems quite right with the ratios.
From the testing we have done on the motor we got a 490V ouput when it was unloaded. But when it was loaded with a vacuum cleaner it had a 270V ouput and was drawing 5A. We still need to sort out a way of regulating the volatge ouput and increasing the current as the inverter draws 7A